At TouchMagix, we foster a vibrant environment for the best creative and technical minds to collaborate and create industry leading products. We are designers and developers of immersive games, entertainment and interactive technologies, with a world-class R&D facility in Pune, India.

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Current Openings


  • Working closely with engineers, model makers, sales and marketing staff, and other skilled people;
  • Understanding technology, production methods, and materials (such as textiles, metals, and plastics);
  • Working within budgets;
  • Working to deadlines;
  • Researching similar products and developing ideas;
  • Making sketches of ideas by hand or computer, and developing the most effective ideas into detailed drawings using specialist computer software;
  • Ordering samples or working models of designs;
  • Reworking ideas based on discussions and feedback from brainstorming and review sessions;
  • Overseeing the testing of the chosen design.



  • A keen eye for shape and color;
  • An understanding of different materials and production methods;
  • Technical, practical, and scientific knowledge and the ability to be interested in the way people choose and use products.


This is a full-time role based out of Pune, India.


  • Oversee all design projects, from conception to delivery;
  • Design original pieces, including illustrations and infographics;
  • Review junior designers’ work to ensure high-quality design;
  • Refine images, fonts, and layouts using graphic design software;
  • Generate ideas to portray concepts and advertise products/services;
  • Increase user-friendliness in digital products;
  • Liaise with marketing and design teams to ensure deadlines are met;
  • Stay up-to-date with industry developments and tools.


  • Proven work experience as a Senior Designer, Graphic Designer, or similar role;
  • Portfolio of completed design projects;
  • Hands-on experience with image editing softwares, like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator;
  • Proficient in design software (e.g InDesign and Balsamiq);
  • Strong aesthetic skills with the ability to combine various colors, font and layouts;
  • Attention to visual details;
  • Ability to meet deadlines and collaborate with a team;
  • BSc degree in Design, Visual Arts or relevant field.

This is a full-time role based out of Pune, India.


  • Create graphics and animation using computer programs and illustrations. Creating storyboards that depict the script and narrative;
  • Work with a team of animators and artists to create a movie, game, or visual effect;
  • Design models, backgrounds, sets, characters, objects, and the animation environment;
  • Edit animations and effects on the basis of feedback from directors, other animators, game designers, or clients;
  • Develop the timing and pace of the movements of a character or object during the sequence of images and ensuring they follow the soundtrack and audio requirements;
  • Meet with clients, other animators, games designers, directors, and other staff to review deadlines and development timelines;
  • Use technical software packages, such as Flash, 3ds Max, Maya, Unity, After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop.


  • Proven ability to create visual effects;
  • An eye for visualization and art;
  • A degree in graphic arts or a similar field, as well as 1 to 3 years of relevant experience;
  • Good editing and sketching skills are advantageous for this role.

This is a full-time role based out of Pune, India.

Culture & Values


You give your 100% to the job at hand till you succeed. You remain committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and success of TouchMagix, its current and future team, and its clients at all times.

Ownership & Accountability

You are responsible for your actions and outcomes. You are accountable for your results. For things to change, you have to change first. Be the change you wish to see.

Learning and Self Improvement

Learning is a way of life at TouchMagix. Everybody is a student of life, and everyday is a good day to learn and improve self. The sea of knowledge is never-ending. You can learn many things from peers, books, customers, internet etc. Age and experience is never a barier for learning. Share your learnings, as knowledge only increases by spreading.

Honesty & Integrity

This is a fundamental value at TouchMagix. Be honest and truthful to yourself, your work, your customers and your peers. Always speak the truth. Communicate immediately & openly and clear up if there are any broken agreements by you or anyone else in the company.

Commitment Towards Serving the Customer

We are where we are because of our valued customers. You must treat a customer with the highest regard and respect. Any feedback from them is important in the progress of self and the company. Any feedback should be received positively and acted upon immediately. When the customer wants us to work, we work for them with no time barier. A happy customer leads to a happy company and happy self.


Speak positively to fellow team members and clients of TouchMagix both in public and private. Don’t listen to, or believe in gossips. Be clear and precise in your communication, and take responsibility of the same. Always prefer discussing any concerns with a team member in private with the person first.

Spirit of Innovation

Innovation is respected at TouchMagix. Be at the cutting edge of innovation. Innovation need not always be technical in nature. Innovation is within a soul of a person and it can spark from anywhere. Ideas are always encouraged, and will be discussed here. Feel free to brainstorm, discuss, debate, learn and progress.

Happiness & Fun

Life is a journey, enjoy it! Enjoy your work. Be happy, keep others around you happy. Happiness is a state of mind and it’s upto you. A happy company means a happy self and progress.

Respect for Time 

Respect your time and others' time. Time is money. Every minute is important towards your progress and company's progress.

Systems & Process

Be systematic in solving problems. The solution to all problems is good systems. Systems ensure that the same problems don’t occur again. Follow the systems already in place with full faith. Feel free to challenge existing systems after practicing, and evolve them into better systems for the future of TouchMagix.


Everyone should be treated with same respect and regard. No job is lesser than other. All people are important in the roles they are performing. It’s like an orchestra where everyone’s contribution leads towards a beautiful symphony.


No risk, no gain. Be courageous to face challenges. Be courageous to own up to things. Be courageous to accept mistakes. Be courageous to question and seek answers.

Good Health

Exercise everyday and stay fit. Good health reflects in all aspects of life. No matter how busy you are, you should always find time to exercise.

Family First

Our families are the top most priority in everybody's lives. Have a balanced family and work life.

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