Compelling Space Adventure Game

Redemption | Amusement | Bar mode

Skill-based exhilarating gameplay

30 seconds average game time

Appeals to all ages

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Cabinet Dimensions

122" h
47" w
42" d

Packing Dimensions

80" h
52" w
48" d

Loading Capacity

20ft - 4 units
40ft - 9 units

Power 2 Amp@220V/4 Amp@110V
Cabinet Dimensions

100" h
37" w
33" d

Packing Dimensions

84" h
42" w
35" d

Loading Capacity

20ft - 12 units
40ft - 26 units

Power 2 Amp@220V/4 Amp@110V






Power 4 Amp@220V/ 8 Amp@110V

Dodge your spaceship from dangerous obstacles as you fly through a progressively speeding wormwhole

Intuitive Spinner Controller for hands-on nail-biting action

Also available in Amusement Mode and Bar mode Mode

  • Amusement mode game play enables to beat the daily, weekly and all time high scores with a leaderboard
  • Bar mode mode sets the machine to print tokens for beating the daily, weekly and all time high scores which can be redeemed by patrons for F&B and enter into the leaderboard

Watch SpaceWarp 66 in action!

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