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TempChk is an easy to use, hands-free digital thermometer for accurate body temperature measurement.

The device automatically checks body temperature from a 10cm distance, and displays it on a screen.

Any abnormalities in the temperature are signaled with an alarm and flashing red light.

Key Features


Response Time: 0.5Sec
Accuracy: ±0.2 degree celcius
Abnormal automatic alarm: Flashing Red Light+“Didisound”
Measuring Distance: 5cm -10cm
OperatingTemperature: 15°C-40°C
Screen: White Digital Display
Input: USBDC5V
Turnstile interface: 500msrelay(Supports5vto220v)
Interface: USB-Serialinterfacetoconnectto


Installation Examples

Watch TempChk in action!

Optional Mounting Accessories

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