MagixTable™Interactive MagixTable

Interactive MagixTable


Interactive MagixTable Interactive MagixTable
Interactive MagixTable Interactive MagixTable
Interactive MagixTable Interactive MagixTable
MagixTable™ a revolution in multi-touch

  • World thinnest multi-touch table computer
  • Ready applications for products display in retail and presentations
  • Rich application suite with easy customization tools
  • HD LED display provides amazing clarity
  • Hassle free! Works out of the box
  • Consumes 60% less power compared to other surface computers

Key Features

Interactive MagixTable
  • • 32″ ultra slim bright LED backlit HD display
Interactive MagixTable
  • • 40 simultaneous multi-touch detection
  • • 50 frames/sec scan rate
  • • No pressure required for touch
Interactive MagixTable
  • • Ambient light immunity
  • • No calibration required. Just plug n play!
Interactive MagixTable
  • • Equipped with Intel® Core™ i5 processor (500 GB HDD, 4 GB RAM, ATI graphics accelerator)
  • • Windows 7 professional and MAC OS-X multi-touch support
  • • Audio: 10w RMS built in stereo speakers
  • • TUIO compliant
Interactive MagixTable
  • • Environment friendly consumes 60% less power compared to other surface computers
Interactive MagixTable
  • • Operating temperature 10°C to 35°C
  • • 1 year warranty

Applications & Examples:

Interactive MagixTable Coffee-Informatica: This application gives you audio-visual information pop-ups depending on the object being placed on the table. It detects the object using object size or RFID capability on MagixTable and user can add more information through a simple config file.
Interactive MagixTable Connledge: Connledge is a multitouch application developed with the purpose to visualize data with drill down menus. It is embedded in a zoomable environment to deal with the pure amount of data available. The user can zoom in on every topic individually with a 2-Finger Pinching gesture as well as he is able to zoom into the whole world and get to lower layers of information.
Interactive MagixTable Media Viewer: The Media Viewer is a digital content viewer to showcase and interact with both pictures, movies and PDF documents. The content can be customized, allowing users to showcase and interact with custom content of for example products and projects.
Interactive MagixTable Pdf Viewer: PDF Viewer is a browser to view PDF files. Flip a page by swiping left or right, or by dragging the slider at the bottom. To zoom in on a page, double tap it. To scroll through the page, drag vertically.
Interactive MagixTable Arrows: Use your medieval age skills to shoot using traditional bow and arrows with this multiplayer game. Objective is to break open boxes and collect gold coins. Winner takes it all.
Interactive MagixTable Map: The map application is a great tool to show maps with selectable hot spots, where the user can get further information by tapping on the hot spots, be it cafes, hotels or stores.
Interactive MagixTable Draw on Video: The DrawOnVideo application allows you to draw on videos, which makes the application ideal for sports analysis, weather forecasting and similar purposes.
Interactive MagixTable 3D viewer: The 3D viewer is an application used to view and interact with 3D models. The Suite is packaged with a set of default 3D models. Users can place their own 3D models in the Suite. When opening the 3D viewer, a menu appears with the loaded 3D models. To zoom into a model, put your finger on one of the models until the loading bar is filled and it will start zooming in on the selected 3d model.
Interactive MagixTable Flow: Flow is a special Media Viewer (images and videos) that links pictures of the same category together when interacted with. For example if a group of images of real estate is located in a specific folder, the pictures visually link to the other real estate images in the same folder. The same will happen with a folder called nature.
Interactive MagixTable Tracer: Tracer is a simple application, mainly meant to show off the capabilities of different hardware solutions. Simply touch and drag, and Tracer will create colored lines for you, along with brief information per touch point.
Interactive MagixTable Slider: Slider is a browser to view images. Flip a page by dragging the slider at the bottom.
Interactive MagixTable Air Hockey: Play 2 player or even 4 player air hokey like never before.
Interactive MagixTable Froggy: Multi-player game where you drive your frog from leaf to leaf and eat flies.
Interactive MagixTable Puzzle: Put the pieces together to complete the puzzle. Supports custom images and videos.
Interactive MagixTable Bugs: A multi-player game to group similar bugs. First to finish wins.
Interactive MagixTable Pong: The classic pong game with multiplayer support.
Interactive MagixTable Slot Machine: Play slot machine like never before. Insert virtual coins and spin the wheel to check your luck.
Interactive MagixTable Snowdoku: A game for sudoku lovers.
Interactive MagixTable Tap: A fun filled multi-player game.
Interactive MagixTable Drum: Play real drums on a virtual screen.
Interactive MagixTable Gravity: Defy rules of gravity to form different shapes and see physics at play.
Interactive MagixTable Wong: A space-age pong game with multi-touch.
Interactive MagixTable Draw: Draw is an application where users can show their artistic skills and save it on the computer or print it out. Pictures that are saved, automatically show up in the Media Viewer.
Interactive MagixTable Piano: Show your skills at the true multi-touch piano application.
Interactive MagixTable Stacks: A fun game to stack up similar objects together.
Interactive MagixTable Visualization
Interactive MagixTable Alien Raiders: Shoot the Aliens that raid the galaxy
Interactive MagixTable Browser: Browser the Internet by panning and zooming in/out of multiple website and use the on screen keyboard
Interactive MagixTable Card Collect: Collect the higher card combination in this thrilling casino game
Interactive MagixTable Deflector: Test your reaction skill by destroying the blocks and reach the next level
Interactive MagixTable Hotspot: Intuitively explore maps with customized content
Interactive MagixTable Spacetube: Explore and watch youtube videos using multitouch gestures
Interactive MagixTable Special Effects: Creating amazing visualization at your fingertips
Interactive MagixTable Untangle: Mind bending multiplayer puzzle game

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