Clean. Simple. Impressive. Multi-Touch software suite!

Introducing MagixSuite, the everyday multi-touch platform from TouchMagix. Magix Suite


  • best multitouch software
  • customisable hierarchical menus
  • media explorer
  • multitouch pdf
  • annotation layer
  • direct email option

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   Why MagixSuiteTM is the best multitouch software around

  • Customise to reflect your brand’s look and feel
  • Clean multi-level menuing system
  • Media support – Images, Videos, PDFs
  • Simple swipe and slide view for presentations and brochures
  • Easy to use and always makes an impression
  • Take notes with built in annotation layer
  • Direct Emailing option
Multitouch Software


Real Estate

  • Create multi-touch experiences for visitors at sales offices
  • View Floor Plans in Full HD resolution with Multi-Touch!
  • Plugin existing brochures in PDF format
  • Plugin 3D Walkthrough videos
  • Showcase amenities and location advantages in media explorer


  • Create a self-help multi-touch experience for visitors
  • Digitize your product catalogue and create hierarchal category menus
  • Showcase product images and details for customers to pick from
  • Ideal for retail display kiosks or shop-windows


  • Create a self-help kiosk experience for visitors or employees
  • Plugin corporate presentations in PDF format
  • Provide easy access to company policies for all employees
  • Showcase learning material like videos and PDF’s for employees
  • Showcase case studies to potential customers in experience centers

Manufacturing & Industry

  • Create a self-help kiosk experience for visitors or employees
  • Easily plugin corporate presentations in PDF format
  • Integrate existing brochures in PDF format
  • Showcase datasheets, products to customers with Multi-Touch
  • Showcase manufacturing facilities from across the globe


  • Create a self-help kiosk experience for visitors
  • Display department information and details
  • Provide doctor information and schedules
  • Showcase speciality services and facilities to visitors


  • Digitize your notice board and easily manage notices
  • Show department details, faculty and notices
  • Showcase school/college facilities to visitors


  • Create a self-help kiosk experience for visitors
  • Showcase offers and details to visitors on a multi-touch kiosk
  • Showcase facility pictures and locations
  • Easily update weekly schedules on a kiosk in PDF or image formats
  • Showcase lifestyle products in a gallery for users to pick from


  • Create a self-help kiosk experience for customers
  • Easily update weekly movie schedules on a kiosk
  • Enable access to movie reviews
  • Instantly preview movie trailers before selecting the movie you wish to watch

TouchMagix also offers Advanced Multi-Touch Snowflake Software Suite with 35+ ready to use applications


Multi-Touch Snowflake Software Suite


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