Content Samples

This showcase demonstrates some of the readymade effects available in our library which work on mouse motions. The mouse motion will be replaced by multi-point human gesture on the TouchMagix™ system. These templates can be easily customized by replacing the images and also the backdrops in them. TouchMagix™ provides a free open SDK and an interface into the system to allow 3rd party developers to develop content other than our standard templates and upload it to TouchMagix™ platform.
Note: Some of the effects may run slow on machines without graphic accelerators or low RAM. These effects would run smoothly on TouchMagix™ Systems.
Learn With Fun Grammar Bee Fish Follow
PIANO Collect Me Smash
Water Fish in Mud GPU Scatter 4 Corner Football
Whack The Mole Alphabet Burst Bubble Blast
Car Race Math Catch Scatter
Dot Scatter Druken Man Duck Hunt
Wind Mill Maze Game Truck Game
Stripes Fire Effect Balloons
Car Race Catch The Veggies Arrows Magix
Coconut Catch Small Saving Collect The Money
Scatter Effect Catch Eggs Catch The Cup
Bricks Breaker Color Bulbs Dancing Girl
Merry Christmas Cap Fizzer Mosquito Splat
Reveal Interior Spray Paint Goal Keeper
Martini On The Beach BasketBall Casion Chip
Circus Flower Trail IceCream Catch
Toy Catch

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