What is the minimum qualifier to become a partner?

If you are passionate about futuristic technology and have the drive to make a difference, TouchMagix™ is looking forward to welcome you on-board. Share your business plan with us and our Partner Relationship Manager will contact you for discussion. Further, we require you to order a demo system of product/s you want to promote.

What types of Partners does TouchMagix™ have?

TouchMagix™ has a partner network across Event Management Companies, IT Companies, Audio Visual Companies, Agencies in Digital Marketing, Advertising, OOH, etc. TouchMagix™ works with individuals as well as companies ranging from 2 to 1000+ people.

How do I make money with TouchMagix™?

TouchMagix™ Partners generate revenues through following avenues:

-The experience is driven by content. Your creative content creation/customization garners maximum revenues in the partner model. You can locally create content using our FREE and Open tools or get it at discounted rates from us.

-Margins on hardware sales

-Installation services and support

-Margins on related hardware procured directly by you, like projectors, LCDs and PCs

-Hardware Rentals for local events, exhibitions, campaigns etc.

-Revenue sharing with media agencies, retail malls, airports, government offices etc.

Do I need to invest in a showroom?

It is advised to have a showroom to demonstrate the capabilities of all TouchMagix™ products to your clientele under one roof. Alternatively, TouchMagix™ products are portable and can be carried to client premises for demonstration.

What is my commitment level if I become a partner?

TouchMagix™ provides you with ongoing leads in your region. You are expected to continue with the response time-lines, follow ups and reporting of the development on an ongoing basis. It is advised to have a technical support personnel in your team.

Can I become an exclusive partner for my region?

Yes. You can become our exclusive partner after we have mutually agreed on the minimum annual sales guarantee. Alternatively, we provide exclusivity on leads and opportunities updated by you with us.

How do you protect my leads in the region?

Our CRM system enables to lock in leads to avoid conflicts

Are TouchMagix™ products expensive?

TouchMagix™ offers products to fit any budgets starting from US$ 1500

Do you train us locally or we travel to India for training?

We conduct online training sessions and have ensured that our product guides and materials are thoroughly documented. You are always welcome to visit our India office for hands-on training.

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