Client: Novartis

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Objective: Educate employees on Diabetes

Product: MotionMagix Interactive FLOOR

Installation Type: Single Overhead Projection on Floor

Brief: Novartis is a leading medicine manufacturer globally. Novartis have effective drugs on Diabetes Control. For an event of Medical Practitioners, Sales Teams and internal employees, Novartis wanted an innovative way to help focus on the importance of World Diabetes Day observed on the 14th November each year. We created a MotionMagix Interactive Floor at the event site at the entrance to the conference arranged. Novartis logo would appear as bubbles along with Circles depicting continuity of life using effective medication. The World Diabetes Day Logo and Slogan were displayed on the floor to remind people of the cause.

Impact: Attendees to the event could relate to Novartis available medication and global recognition to help control diabetes effectively.

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