Client: LG Mobile

Industry: Mobile Handset Manufacturers

Objective: Promote new range of smart phones using interactive technology

Product: MotionMagix WALL & FLOOR

Installation Type: Overhead Projection on Wall combined with Overhead Projection on Floor on a single system.

Brief: LG Mobile was one of the participants at the Mobile Conference in Israel and wanted to promote their latest range of touch and smart phones. Their idea was to create a gaming interface and then distribute free phones to winners after some competitive games. We created a unique interactive experience by using the MotionMagix Interactive Floor and Wall together on a single PC. The Interactive Floor had videos of LG mobile phones in the background which were revealed as people stepped on it. From here they were prompted to play the exciting catch game on the wall. The idea was to collect multiple points using body sideways movements. Winners were then clubbed together each round to reach final and subsequently to win handsets.

Impact: LG promoted their range of smart phones by engaging their target audience in a fun filled and entertaining game

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