7 POINT – 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE

At TouchMagix™ we want our Customers to use our products and avail our services with full confidence.


  1. Our products and services have been tried and tested across 60+ countries by satisfied users
  2. We have designed the best next generation gesture-based and multi-touch digital technology that aims to engage our customers in an unforgettable experience and we stand by our products and services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  1. We have built our reputation by designing, engineering and manufacturing products and equipment that exceed Customer expectations as regards quality and durability
  2. In an unlikely event of part failure or malfunction or existence of manufacturing defects, in the product or equipment, during its ‘Guaranteed Lifetime’, we endeavor to firstly provide assistance through telephone, skype or email and if any hardware part need’s replacement, we ship replacement part within 24 [Twenty Four] Hours of intimation provided


  1. We want all our resellers to be happy with any product they source from us for the purpose of further sale to end Customers
  2. In pursuance of the same, when a reseller invests in a demo unit and is unable to sell more units within a period of 12 [Twelve] months from the Purchase Date, we remain committed to take back the demo unit and refund the reseller the purchase cost within the following 03 [Three] months


  1. We are committed to offer a convenient delivery experience to all our Customers
  2. We facilitate hassle free Local and Global delivery of products, equipment and replacement parts through our Delivery Partners such as ‘DHL’ and ‘Blue Dart’, who have a vast and unparalleled Global and Local network, in-turn assisting us as well as our Customers, in documentation at all stages
  3. Our ‘Delivery Partners’ facilitate an insured One-Stop Shipping Process for reliable, time-definite and doorstep delivery of our products, equipment and replacement parts


  1. We always endeavor to treat our Customers and prospective customers respectfully
  2. We can be reached by telephone, skype or email ‘Round the Clock’ i.e. 24 hours in a day X 07 seven days in a week X 365 days in a year with a pre-scheduled appointment
  3. Our ‘Customer Service Team’ provides fast and personable technical assistance and will answer questions and queries, concerning our products and services
  4. We constantly strive to offer a caring attitude and knowledgeable service
  5. Upon request, we also provide our Customers with on-site support, training and consultancy services


  1. We are continually trying to develop new lines of products and services in large format gesture-based and multi-touch digital technology which can make a difference to the lives of our Customers
  2. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity to impart effective and unique experiences to our Customers
  3. Our Customers deserve the best experience every time they interact with us and constantly and consistently improving thereupon is our first priority


  1. As a further express assurance, towards completing or conforming to the terms of order, for purchasing our products or availing our services, we at the sole option and instance of the Customer, offer an ‘Advance Bank Guarantee’ or ‘Performance Bank Guarantee’ from a Bank having an international presence/ repute for order value greater than USD 50,000


  1. In some cases, ‘Round the Clock’ online assistance may be temporarily unavailable under certain circumstances, which circumstances may include scheduled maintenance, upgrades, renovation, repair, etc. of our systems, website and servers. ‘Round the Clock’ services, which depend upon the physical presence of our employees at a given location may also be interrupted, due to scenarios such as national emergencies, extreme weather, death threats, natural disasters or mandatory evacuation. Going further, some ‘Round the Clock’ services may be unavailable during major holidays.
  2. The ‘Delivery Partners’ that we recommend, strive to provide quick and efficient delivery services to our Customers but delivery time may vary due to Customs issues of different Countries, delivering method selected, logistic arrangements, weather and seasonal holidays [i.e. Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, Diwali, etc.]. TouchMagix™ has no control over the delivery time and will not be legally responsible for any situation that may arise, due to variation of delivery processes or standards of delivery. As Custom Examinations take longer in some Countries [including but not limited to United States of America, England, France, Germany, Spain and Russia], the delivery time of some orders may take longer. Furthermore, shipment insurance does not cover indirect or consequential losses or damages [or] losses or damages caused by such delays. All claims to insurance are to be filed by customer/reseller directly with the local office of ‘Delivery Partner’ within a period of 3 days from change of hands from our ‘Delivery Partner’. All the terms and conditions of delivery and clearance are applicable as per the guidelines, rules and regulations framed by our ‘Delivery Partner’ from time to time.
  3. “Reseller Money Back Guarantee” is only applicable if genuine efforts are made by the reseller to sell more systems after acquiring the demo unit. The reseller must schedule a training to understand and follow the sales process and targets with the sales account manager. The reseller has to share monthly report in written communication to the sales account manager for efforts done to sell more systems. As regards, return of products is concerned, the product already purchased must be returned by the reseller in working condition along with the original packaging and tagging, including product code, manuals, parts and receipt or packing slip. We would not be able to accept a product if it reveals any signs of being broken or tampered with. We expect that while returning the product, the Vendor shall pack the product very safely and securely. We won’t be able to entertain any damaged/ lost in transit products. All costs or charges for returning the products along with customs duty if any shall solely and entirely be borne by the reseller.
  4. Our ‘Express Replacement and Assistance Guarantee’ does not cover, failures, malfunctions, manufacturing defects* or damages caused to the Product/ System:
    • a. by normal wear and tear*, accident, theft, (lost /stolen), combat damage, fire, flood, explosion, lightning, storms, frost or other bad weather conditions, improper care or cleaning, non-standard usage, misuse, tampering or negligence
    • b. by non-observance of the manufacturer’s instructions
    • c. as a result of sludge or blockages
    • d. as a result of improper earthing or improper quality of power supply
    • e. by any unauthorized adjustments made thereof
    • f. by turning on the Product/ System and/or by adjusting the controls, except following an approved repair, as may be advised/ suggested/ directed by us.
    • The term ‘Lifetime’ means the duration of the guarantee we offer for our product/system (e.g 1 year, 3 year etc). While we choose the best components and material available to make our Products/ Systems, as durable as possible, all components and material degrade over time, with use and exposure to elements and the ‘Guaranteed Lifetime’ of a Product is a function of how much use it gets and how well it is cared for and not by how old it is. A “Manufacturing Defect” exists if the Product departs from its intended design. Defective material or workmanship are covered by our ‘Express Replacement and Assistance Guarantee’ for the ‘Guaranteed Lifetime’ of a Product. TouchMagix™ upon being satisfied that such a manufacturing defect exists in the Product, we will repair or replace at our discretion, any manufacturing defect in the Product, free of charge, however all or any charges incurred, with respect to shipping any replacement parts, shall solely and entirely be borne by the Vendor/ Customer. “Wear and Tear” is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal use.
  5. Products manufactured and supplied by TouchMagix™, are assured against failures, malfunctions or manufacturing defects, for the duration of the ‘Guaranteed Lifetime’, subject to the following terms and conditions:
    • a. The Product must be installed within 3 [Three] months of dispatch from TouchMagix™
    • b. The Product must be correctly installed and commissioned in accordance with the installation instructions so provided thereof and must meet the requirements of hardware, electrical connections and handling, as defined in the installation instructions
    • c. The ‘Guaranteed Lifetime’ period will commence from the date of installation, unless the installation is made more than 03 [Three] months from the date on which the Product was dispatched by us, in which case the ‘Guaranteed Lifetime’ period will commence 03 [Three] months from the date of dispatch
    • d. The Product must only be used in a domestic or light commercial environment [light commercial is defined as a semi domestic/ commercial environment, such as small shops, pubs, indoor play areas etc.]
    • e. The Product must be maintained in accordance with the user instructions provided by the respective manufacturer
    • f. We will not accept or reimburse the costs of any third party, who undertakes to carry on any work on our Products or gets any parts fitted, unless we have expressly approved and authorized such works.
    • g. The ‘Guaranteed Lifetime’ period of the Product, will not be extended even if we repair or replace any Product or part.
    • h. If we replace any component or materials or Product, the component or material or product removed will become our property.
    • i. Any claim made under the terms and conditions of our guarantee must be made within the ‘Guaranteed Lifetime’ of the Product.
  6. As regards furnishing a Bank Guarantee is concerned, the standard charges of guaranteeing Bank shall apply and shall have to additionally be borne by the respective customer.
  7. Requested on-site support shall be provided at additional applicable charges.
  8. All or any communication with TouchMagix™, whether via telephone, skype or emails shall be monitored or recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

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